Considering Buying Real Estate?

Any property, whether new or pre-owned, is an excellent investment option for those who want to live, vacation or invest.

STS Real Estate Solutions has been assisting national and foreign nationals interested in acquiring properties in the Southwest Florida, one of the most thriving markets in the US, since 2005.

We support our clients in all necessary requirements to acquire their property, from the very moment they decide to purchase. In addition, we provide all relevant services whether you are buying, selling, maintaining or leasing properties, for either personal use or investment.

Support for International Buyers
Purchasing a property overseas requires special attention, as each country has its own sets of rules and regulations. Although real estate transactions in the United States are very secure and organized, they can differ from other countries. That is why all these aspects should be perfectly understood before initiating any real estate transaction. In the US, real estate activity is regulated by the government. All professionals involved with the real estate activity must be registered and licensed. This brings transparency and safety to both the seller and the buyer. Another little known feature is that in the US, due to the intense control and regulation, the majority of the transactions are conducted with the help of a real estate professional, with no cost to the buyer. STS Real Estate Solutions has all the expertise necessary to ensure its clients a perfect experience, no matter whether they are buying, selling, leasing no matter if they are in the US or anywhere around the world.

Financing for Foreign Nationals
Although most of the real estate purchases in the US done by foreign nationals are in cash, financing is available. These loans usually reach 70% of property value, with maturities up to 30 years on fixed or variable rates. These conditions change constantly depending on market variables.

Legal Aspects
US law favors the purchase of real estate by foreigners. “There are no limits to someone from another country to buy homes in America.” Regarding the paperwork, bureaucracy is very streamlined.  Closings are usually fast and whole process is extremely transparent. Titles and property history are easily verified through public databases.  Taxation for income properties is also very straight forward with clear rules and regulations.

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